our approach

Our consultancy approach is based on proven psychological principles and draws on an eclectic mix of humanistic, gestalt and cognitive-behavioural frameworks. We help clients understand their past experiences, how these influence their present attitudes and performance, and how they can use this knowledge to develop greater self-awareness. This enables clients to not only understand their own behaviour but also that of others.

Because every client is different, we take a client-centred approach, adapting the style we use according to individual or group needs. Above all, we aim to build long-term trust with clients. We provide an open, honest and empathic environment where people can feel safe; everything that’s discussed in individual and group sessions remains completely confidential.

  • each individual and team has the potential to grow and develop
  • everyone is unique and experiences the world in different ways
  • that with determination, persistence, hard work and a supportive environment everyone can realise their true potential
  • we should balance learning from the past and planning for the future whilst performing in the present
  • we never stop learning
  • we should recognise each other's strengths and develop these strengths further
  • working together is more effective and more enjoyable than going it alone
  • we waste too much time worrying about things we cannot control
  • in staying open-minded
  • a small shift in perspective can lead to a great change in attitude
  • we are free to choose our own behaviour
  • we have sole responsibility for the choices we make
  • there is always a ray of light, and that it’s sometimes found in the darkest places
  • in demonstrating our deep, genuine and long-term commitment to our clients' success

Above all, we believe we can make a difference.

Inspired by Justin Langer, 'Seeing the Sunrise' (2008)